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Choose the Compact SUV with Plenty of Cargo Space

Looking for a compact SUV that can still provide you with ample cargo space; then the new Ford Escape is the vehicle you are looking for. The Ford Escape is one of the most popular in its class and below are two reasons why:

Cargo Capacity- The Ford Escape is a compact SUV that comes with 68 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are folded and 32 cubic feet of cargo space when the seats are up. Although the Ford Escape may be a compact SUV, it still provides plenty of cargo space for whatever you need…

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How much cargo space is there in the Ford Edge?

Some people prefer the Ford Edge for its ability to carry five occupants in comfort. Others want a mid-sized SUV like the Ford Edge to carry cargo. Still, others love the idea of a vehicle like the mid-sized Ford Edge SUV because it is adaptable to take passengers and to carry cargo.

With the rear seat occupied the Ford Edge still has 39.2 cubic feet of space in which to carry loads. That is enough to take plenty of luggage for an extended family trip. If you want to bring more cargo, then you can fold down the rear…

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Here Are a Few Ford Focus Technology Features to Consider

Why is the Ford Focus still regarded as a popular compact car? Maybe it has something to do with all the technology features packed into this sedan.

The Ford Focus has the Intelligent Access with push-button start to make getting into and starting your car easier. Simple get close to the door handle and touch the handle for the doors to open. Once inside, depress the brake pedal and push the start button to turn over the car.

The Focus is making driving on the interstate saver as well. Once you get moving, the Blind Spot Information System scans the…

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Take Advantage of the Latest Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has long been one of America's favorite SUVs. The 2018 edition continues that tradition of excellence. This is a vehicle can handle any challenge the road and its occupants throw at it.

The Explorer is a powerful, full-sized SUV. It can tow up to 5,000 lbs and carry up to seven passengers. This vehicle has 21 cubic feet of cargo space even when the seats are all upright. When the second and third rows are folded down, that number increases to almost 82 cubic feet. This SUV is convenient, too. It offers features like a…

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Do You Need a Roomy SUV?

The 2018 Ford Expedition has space for lots of people and lots of stuff. Are you tired of cramming your gear into the back, only to have it fall on the ground when you open the back door? The Expedition's unique cargo shelf and floor prevent spills. They are designed to keep your cargo in place even if you're parked on a hill.

Should you need to transport a half-dozen NBA players, they will be comfortable and have ample head and foot room in the Expedition. This vehicle seats seven, and those seats can be moved in order…

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The 2018 Ford Super Duty: The Ultimate in Durability

If you're going to invest in a truck for work and play, you want it to last. The 2018 Ford Super Duty is a heavy-duty pickup that's designed to stay strong no matter what you decide to throw at it. It's built with rugged materials that hold up even in the toughest environments.

The Super Duty's toughness starts at the frame. The 2018 model is 24 times stronger than previous versions. This is thanks to the 95% high-strength steel frame. It's designed for maximum torsional rigidity, allowing you to drive on uneven terrain without having…

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The Ford F-150 is a Technologically Advanced Pickup Truck

If you are looking for a truck with technological features that will help you as you drive about in Port Arthur, TX and get your work done, you should consider the Ford F-150. This is one of the more popular full-size pickups available today, and it has a lot to offer.

The Ford F-150 gives you the chance to get set up with a 360-degree camera to help you look around when you are backing up. This advanced feature can keep you - and those around you - safe. The Lane-Keeping System in the Ford F-150 helps you keep from drifting out…

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Warning Signs Your Ignition May Need Service

If your vehicle fails to start, you may assume it is a dead battery. However, when a vehicle's ignition is malfunctioning, it can also cause the engine to have problems starting. There are some warning signs that can let you know if your vehicle's ignition needs to be inspected.

The most common sign of a damaged ignition is a grinding sound, which is because the starter gear is worn or not properly engaged. If you notice smoke coming from under your vehicle's hood, it could be because there is too much power being supplied to the starter…

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Understanding Why Brake Fluid Should Be Monitored

Brake fluid is vital to the operation of the hydraulic system for your vehicle. The fluid level, as well as the quality of the fluid, is essential. If the brake fluid becomes contaminated or even too low, you can experience a low brake pedal, "spongy" pedal or even failed brakes in severe circumstances.

In most vehicles, the master cylinder or brake fluid reservoir is located under the hood against the firewall and holds the brake fluid. The fluid is dispersed throughout the hydraulic system and repeatedly flows back to the originating source. The brake fluid needs to be changed as…

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Is It Time to Check Your Timing Belt?

One of the common mistakes made by owners of high-mileage vehicles are neglecting to have the timing belt inspected or replaced. Timing belts are long lasting, but as a vehicle gets older, they become a more common cause of breakdowns on the road.

What is the timing belt? It's a belt that keeps the pistons and valves in the engine perfectly timed with each other by turning two shafts simultaneously. The belt is fitted with precision to make sure the two shafts stay in sync with each other. If the belt breaks, your engine will stall and be disabled…

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