Warning Signs Your Ignition May Need Service

If your vehicle fails to start, you may assume it is a dead battery. However, when a vehicle's ignition is malfunctioning, it can also cause the engine to have problems starting. There are some warning signs that can let you know if your vehicle's ignition needs to be inspected.

The most common sign of a damaged ignition is a grinding sound, which is because the starter gear is worn or not properly engaged. If you notice smoke coming from under your vehicle's hood, it could be because there is too much power being supplied to the starter. However, if a burning smell is coming from the engine, you should refrain from driving the car and have it towed.

If your ignition needs to be inspected or serviced, don't delay. A faulty ignition can result in serious engine problems. Stop by Energy County Ford next time you need your vehicle serviced.



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